سياسة الشحن

Shipping rates are calculated according to approximate shipment weight. Shipments are weighed per 500 g or any part of it. This means that for the first 500 g or less you will pay a certain amount for shipping, calculated at checkout. For every additional 500 g or any part of it, an additional amount is added to the rate, less than the first 500 g. Rates depend on the destination country. For more information contact us.

We use standard and express international shipping. Orders usually take 7-14 days for express and 14-35days for standard to be delivered. However, due to covid-19 and during periods of high demand there might be delay in delivery in some countries. Contact us if you don't get your order within 35 days of shipping notice.

Local shipping (Jordan) has a fixed rate regardless of weight.

Shipping rates might change at any time without notice.

Any extra expenses such as customs fees or taxes, or any other requirements demanded by the destination country, are the responsibility of the importer/ buyer.

For more information please contact us.