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Covid-19 deprived us the chance to celebrate Mother's Day last year. We hope we can make it up for awesome moms this year with our lovely Mother's Day collection, with 20% off discount until the end of March!

This collection is carefully selected for pure oils lovers! Items are snug in this beautiful basket ready to impress!

The basket contains:

Raw Shea Butter

Pure Argan Oil 60 ml

Brighten my Days Serum

Matchalicious Soap

Moroccan Allure Soap

Solid Perfume

Customer Reviews

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Nat S.
Great gift basket

My husband gave me this gift basket and I love every item. The soaps are luxurious and feel great in the shower. I didn’t get a chance to use the Brighten My Day Serum because my daughter immediately took that. I’ve been using the Argan oil on my face at night and it is so moisturizing. The solid perfume smells wonderful as the Shea butter is amazing. I think I’ll throw out some hints so that I can get another basket after I’ve used all of these products.

Thank you for your kind words, we're very happy you loved them!
Throwing hints sounds like a good plan! Perhaps with links to your favorite items ;)
Warmest regards!